Rando Guillestrois

Bois Durat

2 h 30
21.5 km
Total Length
998 m
-998 m
  • Mountain bike

Departure : Aerodrome de Saint-Crepin → Arrival : Aerodrome de Saint Crepin

A good meandering downhill route with no technical difficulty.

From Saint-Crépin aerodrome, cross the bridge and continue straight on up to the railway track. Take the road to the right and go under the main road using the underpass further on. When you reach the crossing at the entrance to Saint-Crépin, turn right then, at the first crossing, turn left, then immediately right on the road that crosses the estate. The road becomes a dirt track, goes past the Croix des Hodouls (cross), crosses the Merdanel stream and goes up to the hamlet of Hodouls on a tarmacked road. At this hamlet, take the road to the right that goes past the shops and links up to a pleasant single track along the edge of the field. Continue to the Frairie and from there follow the road to Eygliers. Turn left in front of the church, then 300 m further turn left again to cross the Rua Alay. With some effort, you will reach the road of the hamlet du Coin. From the village, follow a forestry trail that continues to the left. At the first crossing, follow the route to the right and after a large bend to the left, continue for a few hundred metres, then in a right bend, go up the fairly steep trail to your back right. When you reach the forestry hut, follow the trail that goes up above the hut and continue following the old dry stone walled path and the level of the slope, to reach the Bois Durat trail. The itinerary follows the road to the left and leads up to the Bois Durat hut in the middle of a small clearing. The downhill route starts just to the left of the hut. It is one of the best, fairly rolling descents in the area that goes through beautiful undergrowth with several bends to negotiate. At the foot of the descent, follow the path to the right that crosses the Modane stream and climbs a little before joining the Villard road. Continue up the road approximately one hundred metres. In a hairpin bend to the right, go straight on along the path. From this pleasant itinerary it is possible to head directly down to St Crépin as far as the cemetery. Pick up the initial itinerary to return to the aerodrome.


Map of mountain bike trails Guillestrois


Regular Line Gap - Briançon/Road access


Aerodrome of Saint-Crépin

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On the way...
Winery 1

Walking down the Rue de l’Archevêché both old entrance gates can be seen, you will notice many beautifully carved stones some depicting vines, grapes and leaves and also homes that formerly served as wineries like this one. The winery housed the wine press, the tank, barrels and utensils necessary for growing grapes and making wine. Most were built in the 16th and 17th centuries. They are privately owned and not open to visitors.

Saint-Antoine Church

This simple Romanesque church is the parish church for the inhabitants of Mont Dauphin fortress. A beautiful porch enhances its simple facade, with pink marble columns and smoothed flagstone floors. Look out for the two animal heads carved on one of the doors and inside, rare 16th century paintings discovered in 1968.

Altitude profile

Altitude (m)

Min : 903 m - Max : 1584 m

Distance (m)