Rando Guillestrois

Escreins - Le Pic d'Escreins

5 h
Round trip
Round trip
6.2 km
Total Length
953 m
953 m
  • Pedestrian

Departure : Vars, Val d'Escreins → Arrival : Vars, Val d'Escreins

A trail where levels of vegetation and landscapes unfold. You will go through the protected and preserved Val d’Escreins nature reserve that will lead you to the ridges of Agnès and their breath-taking view over the Guillestre area and the Écrins.

The itinerary starts at the Val d'Escreins car park. Go through the Rif Bel, turn left towards the refuge of Basse-Rua. Take the trail to your right that goes into the pasture and then under cover of the trees. At about 50 meters, do not take the descending trail to your left and stay on the trail to the right. A bit further, take the ascending trail to your right. After walking through several ravines, the trail becomes more abrupt and steeper (ladders and cables). It then goes meandering into the forest and crosses over a streambed. At the junction, take the trail ascending to the right toward Pic d’Escreins. You will reach the ridges of Agnès by a gravel path. At the summit, you will enjoy a 360-degree view: Massif of the Écrins, Queyras, Font-Sancte, Mont-Blanc… You are close to the summit of the Pic d'Escreins (2.743 m).


You can keep on the itinerary of the ridges of Cugulet (see this itinerary on the list on this website) at the last junction right below the Pic d'Escreins. This way, you will not go back by the same route.


"HIKING, On foot in the Guillestrois – Great WALKS" - Guidebook sold in tourism offices in the area.


From Guillestre, take the road to Vars. After a few kilometres, turn left towards Val d’Escreins and keep going until you reach the refuge of Basse-Rua.

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On the way...
Village d'Escreins

Les ruines que vous voyez sont celle du village d'Escreins ou Basse Rua. A l’origine, les premières bâtisses furent érigées à l’initiative de quelques Varsincs ayant constaté que les terrains du Val d’Escreins étaient propices à la culture céréalière. Puis l’activité s’orienta vers l’élevage. L’hiver, ses habitants regagnaient Vars ou Guillestre. Déjà dépeuplé par l'exode rural du 19ème siècle, le village est définitivement abandonné suite à l'incendie de 1916. En l’absence des hommes mobilisés pendant la guerre, il ne put être sauvé.

Altitude profile

Altitude (m)

Min : 1781 m - Max : 2734 m

Distance (m)



Climbing up towards the ridges of Agnès, the trail is steep and you will have to use cables and ladders. Be careful!

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