Rando Guillestrois

La Gardiole

5 h
11.5 km
Total Length
585 m
585 m
  • Pedestrian

Departure : Eygliers Chef-Lieux → Arrival : Eygliers Chef-Lieux

A hillside landscape with a view of the gorges of Guil highlights this very interesting trail.

From the church in Eygliers, take the road up to the hamlet of Font d'Eygliers. Go through the hamlet and after the fountain, take a dirt path that indicates "Gros". Then, take the path that goes down to the water pipe. Once you arrive on the flat ground near the pipe, go under it and continue on a little track, which continues up in steep bends. You will walk 2 km on the mountainside so be careful; some areas are steep (cables). Right in front of you, on the other side of the gorges: the Guillestre agricultural plateau and the Pain de Sucre (Sugar Loaf). The path goes near a beautiful and massive juniper and ends up on a larger track made of stones. Once on the track, before the first houses of the village of Gros, go straight up the bank to get to the village. Go through it and take the road on the left that goes down to Eygliers. It is also part of the GR 541. At a given point, leave the road and take the trail that goes up steep on your right. Once under the trees, the path continues in a gentler slope. At the junction, take the dirt track that goes down to the left. You will keep on this track until you get to the hamlet of Coin. The view is then clearer and you will be able to admire the Mont-Dauphin stronghold and its fortifications. At Coin, follow the road that goes downwards. Then, in a hairpin bend, leave it to take a country lane that will take you to the Rua d'Alay and finally to the church of Eygliers.


"HIKING, On foot in the Guillestrois – Great WALKS" - Guidebook sold in tourism offices in the area.


Take the D37 road to Eygliers Chef-Lieu. Once in the Village, carparks are available near the church.

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On the way...
Font d'Eygliers water fountain

The many water fountains in the village remind us that "Font" means “source” which is where the name “Font Eygliers” comes from. Note the “naïs” near the water fountain: stone basins that are filled with water for retting hemp. Retting is soaking the hemp in water to allow the fibers to separate from the stem.

Farm 1 La Font d'Eygliers

Farm with a winery, typical of permanent rural dwellings in mountain villages with a central water fountain. The hamlet of La Font consisted mainly of wineries that were kept busy because Eygliers has the sunniest slopes of the area, ideal for vineyards.

The Font d'Eygliers communal oven

The oven is in a stone building covered with larch shingles. The communal oven was as much a focal point of village life as the water fountain. Water and bread: the basic daily frugal diet at the turn of the century. Bread was baked to last for several days or even weeks. Nothing like our modern baguette ...

Saint-Antoine Church

This simple Romanesque church is the parish church for the inhabitants of Mont Dauphin fortress. A beautiful porch enhances its simple facade, with pink marble columns and smoothed flagstone floors. Look out for the two animal heads carved on one of the doors and inside, rare 16th century paintings discovered in 1968.

Sainte-Marie-Madeleine Chapel

This is a small chapel surrounded by houses in the hamlet of La Font d'Eygliers. Manuscripts dating from the 17th century tell the story of a baby who was abandoned on the steps of the chapel but who was then rescued. During the 1994 renovation of the chapel scenes from the life of St. Madeleine were painted on the walls.

Altitude profile

Altitude (m)

Min : 1027 m - Max : 1570 m

Distance (m)



Due to electricity work, part of this path will be closed during Spring and Summer 2018, around "la Font d'Eygliers". The section between la Font and Gros will not be usable for hikers, moutain-bikers or horseriders. However, an alternative route is possible through Goavie and the road to Gros.

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