Rando Guillestrois

La Mortice par le lac des 9 couleurs

7 h 30
Round trip
Round trip
6.5 km
Total Length
920 m
920 m
  • Pedestrian

Departure : Sainte-Catherine, piste de la Pinée → Arrival : Sainte-Catherine, piste de la Pinée

A 360-degree panorama from the Mortice on the surrounding summits, mountain flowers, reflections of the Lac des Neufs Couleurs… A breath-taking landscape.

From the Couniets carpark, take the trail that climbs up to the mountain pastures and goes up to the ridge of the Couniets. The itinerary keeps going south, overhanging the valley of Laugier, up to the col Serenne. From there, it ascends to the left with a few twists up to the lac des Neufs Couleurs.


You can continue the hike up to the summit of the Mortice. If you keep climbing beyond the lake, the itinerary will lead you to a tiny col ascending through quite steep scree. The trail goes on, marked out by cairns, and ascends meandering first into the scree and then on limestone slabs. You will find the entrance to the Mortice gap in the middle of the limestone slabs. From the gap, following the cairns to the right, the itinerary leads you to the ridge and goes up to the small blocks that make up the summit of the Mortice (3.169 m). Return by the same path.


"HIKING, On foot in the Guillestrois – Great WALKS" - Guidebook sold in tourism offices in the area.


From the valley, reach the village of Sainte-Catherine via the Vars pass. Once you have reached the sawmill link up with the track of the Pinée on the right. Access via this track is quite long. A carpark is located to the edge of the track, at the fence.

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Altitude profile

Altitude (m)

Min : 2280 m - Max : 3180 m

Distance (m)



The itinerary to the summit of the Mortice is in a high mountain zone: for experienced hikers only.

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