Rando Guillestrois


4 h
19 km
Total Length
975 m
-975 m
  • Mountain bike

Departure : Aérodrome Saint Crépin → Arrival : Aérodrome de Saint Crépin

This is a physical route due to the drop and the length, but it is not very technical and has beautiful panoramas of the Durance valley.

Starting from the St Crépin aerodrome, take route no. 3 of the Tour de la Durance, that starts along the right bank. The circuit then takes an easy, pleasant route going through the Durance floodplain. This will lead you to the Réotier campsite. At the entrance to the campsite, cross the main road and go onto and follow the Aiguille forest track up to the television relay. Follow the tarmacked road to the right to get to Mikéou. when you reach the chalets, take the path to the right that is part of the GR50 and follow it to the hamlet of Preyts on a pleasant crossing. Below the hamlet of Preyts, continue on the GR50, cross the Bouffard stream and carry on to the houses of Le Ponteil. In the village of Le Ponteil, take the pleasant path to the right that leads down through meadows and woods following easy bends and leads to the hamlet of Chanteloube, and the road back to the aerodrome.


Road access


Aerodrome of Saint-Crépin

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On the way...
Chapel of St. Roch

St Roch Chapel - built in the 18th century and renovated since – is built in the hamlet of Truchet from where there is an exceptional view of the Durance. St Roch was a very popular Saint in the Hautes-Alpes and was frequently invoked during epidemics, particularly of the plague.

Altitude profile

Altitude (m)

Min : 889 m - Max : 1604 m

Distance (m)