Rando Guillestrois

Le Mélezet

3 h
10 km
Total Length
300 m
300 m
  • Pedestrian

Departure : Risoul Station → Arrival : Risoul Station

The circuit is situated below the ski area showing a wilder aspect of the site. This fairly easy loop passes through diverse landscapes: coniferous forests, pasture lands, small valleys where springs appear and small deciduous forests.

The departure is located at the Risoul resort, behind the tourism office. Take the road up to the right until you reach the last car park. The itinerary starts on a dirt track just above it. Take the trail to left that goes under the Césier chairlift and follow the trail toward Razis. This large dirt path goes through the resort above the snow front to the east. It go past the hut of the small valley of Razis up to the ridges of Reyssas. There, leave the path and take the trail going down immediately to the left into the forest of Combe Chauvet. First, it goes through quite clear forest cover and then, down to the right in a more steep way. It goes through a more dense area up to a junction at the edge of the forest. Turn left and walk through the small valley. The landscape is very different. It is now made of a large pastureland scattered with springs and wooded areas where deciduous trees are predominant. After this crossing, the path goes past the Mélezet hut and down again to reach a new junction in the forest. Take the path that goes up to the left. This part of the trail is a bit steeper before reaching the trail and the starting point.


"HIKING, On foot in the Guillestrois – Great WALKS" - Guidebook sold in tourism offices in the area.


Shuttle bus from the train and bus station. Get information at the station or at the tourism office.


The departure is located at the Risoul resort, behind the tourism office. Take the road going up to the right and park at the last car park. Follow the forestry-pasture road that crosses over the snow front area to the east.

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Altitude profile

Altitude (m)

Min : 1740 m - Max : 2040 m

Distance (m)



The trail is impractical in winter because it is located on a part of the ski area.

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