Rando Guillestrois

Le Pouit

4 h
8 km
Total Length
500 m
500 m
  • Pedestrian

Departure : Hameau des Pasques → Arrival : Hameau des Pasques

Pleasant circuit amidst the characteristic vegetation of the "Durance steppe".

Follow the road for about 100 m then turn left and take a trail indicated by "ancienne voie romaine" (ancient Roman way) going up crossing the slope towards Champcella. Quickly, you will find large paved areas, often lined with stones and walls that are perfectly held in place: this is the Roman way. Cross the tarmacked road again and then go deeper into a narrow valley. You will then find yourself on the plateau of Champcella, a former glacial plateau characterised by a great number of boulders. Take a trail towards Champcella that goes meandering through the fields. Turn left and walk through wide meadows up to the tarmacked road that brings you back left toward the hamlet of the Ponteil. After 500 m on this road, turn right on a small trail that leads to the foot of the impressive Bouchet cliffs. Stay on this trail up to a bridge you will then cross and reach the hamlet of Ponteil by the road. At the entrance of the hamlet to the left, follow a well-marked GR that meanders down. On the way, you will walk through the tiny hamlet of the Gouas and slightly below, on the right you will see the ruins of a former coalmine. As soon as you reach the first houses of the Pasques, take the large path on the left edging a climbing site that takes you back to your starting point.


"HIKING, On foot in the Guillestrois – Great WALKS" - Guidebook sold in tourism offices in the area.


From Saint-Crépin, cross over the bridge leading along the aerodrome and join the departmental road towards Champcella. In the second hairpin bend, near the earth platform, park at the of the Pasques climbing site car park.

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Altitude (m)

Min : 1000 m - Max : 1500 m

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Shared itinerary: a part of the trail is also part of a mountain bike circuit.

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