Rando Guillestrois

Les Crêtes de Vars par la Pinée

5 h 30
1.7 km
Total Length
740 m
740 m
  • Pedestrian

Departure : Sainte-Catherine → Arrival : Sainte-Catherine

On the sunlit ridges, the hiker straddles the mountain in mid air between the narrow Val d’Escreins and the small enchanting villages surrounding Vars.

Departure on the left of the sawmill. After about 2 km on the trail, take a path that climbs up to the left into the undergrowth by a sharp bend. The trail indicated “col de la Scie” heads north up to this col. In front of you, a wonderful panorama gives you a view of the Val d’Escreins, the Pic d’Escreins and the Font-Sancte. On the slope overlooking Vars, take the trail called “col de la Coulette” that here climbs in small steep paths. Stay on the south-facing slope alongside the ridge. After crossing over a scree and a few limestone pitons, the ridge goes down over grassy slopes. The trail keeps descending in few bends until the col de la Coulette. Keep descending to the west, on the Vars side, on the path called “bois de la pinée, Sainte-Catherine”, up to the start point at the sawmill.


"HIKING, On foot in the Guillestrois – Great WALKS" - Guidebook sold in tourism offices in the area.


From the valley of the Durance, head towards the Col of Vars and reach the village of Sainte-Catherine. Then, take the forestry road that goes past the front of the sawmill. The itinerary starts at the sawmill. Park your car on the right side of the road on the way up.

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Altitude profile

Altitude (m)

Min : 1845 m - Max : 2540 m

Distance (m)


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