Rando Guillestrois


View from the plateau of Guillestre, village of Eygliers and the Massif of the Ecrins in the background

The circuits available will match everyone’s tastes: from gentle hikes to more sporty ones, everyone can enjoy the circuit at their own pace amid enchanting landscapes. In fact, these landscapes are so gorgeous that we recommend taking all the time you need to look at them, even if it means coming back later than planned!

The circuits on our websites are maintained by the Guillestre area local authority. They are indicated by yellow marking. Each trail will lead you to discover an appealing aspect of our region: beautiful landscapes, a place steeped in history, natural attractions, the fauna and flora of our mountains... In a mountain environment where delightful larch woods, cultivated valleys, green pastures and divided gorges mingle, you will be amazed by the footpaths of the Guillestre area that cross these natural settings.

View of Vars

Some trails in the valley can be taken most of the year but the best season is still summer in order to reach the summits.

These landscapes made by men and nature are the result of several centuries of practices, more specifically agricultural ones. If you want to know everything about their evolution and construction, a mobile app gives you the opportunity to walk a simple circuit to learn in a fun way what makes the riches of the landscapes. For cultural heritage lovers, the free app Baroulade will lead you to the secrets of the 8 villages of the Guillestre area (www.baroulade.fr, to download on your smartphone or to use on tablets that can be borrowed in the villages’ tourism offices). This multimedia guide represents another way to visit the stone and water heritage from the past to the present. A local figure, “Guilhem”, will guide you, tell you stories and make you play.

View of the Guil’s river between Mont-Dauphin and Guillestre

The 20 mountain bike routes can be enjoyed by all bike enthusiasts, from the simple ride on flat ground to technical steep routes and descents (accessible from the Risoul and Vars ski resorts). Offering each visitor the opportunity to practice at their own level according to their own wishes, thanks to a large choice of complementary routes, is what the Guillestrois is all about.

On this website, you can find all the information you need to organize your walk or your mountain bike rides and you can download the routes and GPS tracks if you so wish (geo-localization available on the mobile app.)

For more useful information, you can find different tourist facilities in the valley and resorts:

Tourism office of Guillestrois Forêt Blanche:
Tel : 04 92 45 04 37
Website: www.pays-du-guillestrois.com
Opening hours: open in June from Monday to Friday, (10am/12pm and 1pm /6pm), in summer from Monday to Friday, (9am /12pm and 3pm/6:30pm), open from 9:30am to 1:30pm on Sunday. In winter, open from Monday to Friday (and on Saturdays during French school holidays) from 10am/12pm and 1:30pm/5:30pm.

Guillestre tourism office:
Tel : 04 92 45 77 61
Website: >www.guillestre-tourisme.com
Address: Place Joseph Salva 05600 GUILLESTRE
Opening hours: July and August, open every day from 9am/1pm and 2pm/7pm, open the rest of the year from 9am/12pm and 2pm/6pm, closed on Sundays (except during French school holidays).

Vars tourism office:
- « Les Claux » agency :
Tel: 04 92 46 51 31
Website: www.vars.com
Address: cours Fontanarosa 05560 VARS
Opening hours: in summer (when the resort is open), open every day from 9am/12pm and 2pm/6pm, in winter (opening of the resort) open every day from 9am to 6:30pm.
- « Sainte Marie » agency:
Tel : 04 92 52 36 79
Address: Sainte Marie 05560 VARS
Website: www.vars.com
Opening hours: in summer and winter (opening of the resort), open every day from 9am/12:30pm and 3pm/6:30pm (closed between seasons)

Risoul tourism office:
Tel: 04 92 46 02 60
Website: www.risoul.com
Address: station de Risoul 05600 RISOUL
Opening hours: In summer and winter (opening of the resort), open from Monday to Saturday from 9am/12pm and 2pm/7pm, on Sundays from 9am/1pm and 2pm/6pm, between seasons from Monday to Friday 9am/12pm and 1pm/5pm.

Maison du Tourisme du Guillestrois Forêt Blanche :
Tel : 04 92 45 04 37
Site Internet : www.pays-du-guillestrois.com
Horaires d’ouverture : au mois de juin, ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 10h à 12h et de 13h à 18h, l’été du lundi au samedi de 9h à 12h et de 15h à 18h30 et le dimanche de 9h30 à 13h30, en intersaison et l’hiver, ouvert du lundi au vendredi (et le samedi pendant les vacances scolaires) de 10h à 12h et de 13h30 à 17h30

Office de tourisme de Guillestre :
Tel : 04 92 45 77 61
Site Internet : www.guillestre-tourisme.com
Adresse : Place Joseph Salva 05600 GUILLESTRE
Horaires d’ouverture : Juillet et août, ouvert tous les jours de 9h à 13h et de 14h à 19h et le reste de l’année ouvert de 9h à 12h et de 14h à 18h, fermé dimanche (sauf pendant vacances scolaires)


Bureau Montagne Mélézin
Tel : 06 77 15 77 85/ 06 05 28 06 17 / 04 92 24 22 54
Email : bureau@montagne-melezin.com
Website : www.montagne-melezin.com

Montagne Liberté
Tel: 06 15 07 28 85 Email: contact@montagne-liberte.com Website: www.montagne-liberte.com

Planète VTT
Tel: 06 72 92 25 72
Email: planetevtt@gmail.com
Website: www.planete-vtt.fr

Club VTT Véloroc Guil Durance
Tel: 06 72 92 25 72
Email: sebveloroc@gmail.com
Website: www.raid-vauban.com RAID VAUBAN event: Each year, in June, the association organises a wonderful regional and national-level race with a range of routes in a magnificent environment - further information at www.raid-vauban.com

Ambulance service (SAMU): 15
Police station (gendarmerie): 17
Fire brigade (sapeurs pompiers): 18
Météo France (French weather forecast): 08 92 68 02 05


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