Rando Guillestrois

The Blueberry Tour

2 h 15
7.6 km
Total Length
470 m
470 m
  • Mountain bike

Departure : Centre station, parking P9 → Arrival : Centre station, parking P9

A downhill route that will be a pleasure for experienced mountain bikers and fans of technical routes. Easy uphill on a dirt-road or alternative using the ski lift (check the opening hours!)

From the car-park P9 in Vars les Claux, take the road strating from the Pastourlet buidling. The tarmac road goes through a wooded area, then becomes a dirt-road that leads you under the Sibières button-lift, at the top of the Ecrins button-lift and under the Escondus chair-lift. You'll continue riding along the Charbières cable-car with some hairpin bends. Don't go under the telecabin wires, but turn left on a smaller down-hill path. Follow the path on the left to the Crévoux double ski-lifts. Pass the Eyssina ski-lift on the right and continue under the Escondus chair-lift. Go down a little towards the Sources ski-lift to pick up the track that leads to the summit of the Sibières ski-lift. From there, follow the path in the middle of the Rhododendron and Blueberry bushes (hence the name) for about 900 meters long until you come close to a gorge. For the delight of technical riders, the path is then steep and winding, weaving its way through a pleasant larch forest until it reaches the resort.


Option : uphill using the Chabrières cable-cable (check the opening days and hours). This alternative offers you nice almost exclusively down-hill ride. A the top of the lift, turn left and continue until you meet the up-hill dirt-road that leads to the Crévoux double ski-lifts.


Bus-stop: "Vars / Office de Tourisme" . Line: 05 Voyageurs S23 "Gare SNCF de Mont-Dauphin Guillestre - Guillestre - Vars". Bikes transportation possible on wednesday only by reservation 36 hours prior to departure: 04 92 502 505 (every day from 7AM to 7PM) contact@05voyageurs.com


Vars les Claux resort center

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Altitude (m)

Min : 1870 m - Max : 2200 m

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