Rando Guillestrois

The Peinier Circuit

2 h 30
14 km
Total Length
651 m
-654 m
  • Mountain bike

Departure : Vars les Claux, station → Arrival : Vars les Claux, station

This route goes from valley floor to ledges, which guarantees a great outing.

From Vars Les Claux, go down by the road close to the resort entrance to get to the P2 "Peinier" car park which is the start point, near to the stream. Start from, and head up the Chagne stream up to the wide track. Turn left at the crossing. After a short stretch in the forest (1 km), leave the track and head left onto a small path that then goes under the chair lift, under the ski lift and then goes down towards the Salce bridge, linking up to the wide road that leads to Sainte Catherine. Follow the road to cross the village then pick up the narrow path to the right that leads to Sainte-Marie. Take the road towards Les Claux for a few metres, then take the path first to the right, then to the left. Return by the road, going near to the Peinier chair lift and continue to the centre of the resort.


Road access


Vars Les Claux, Station

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Altitude profile

Altitude (m)

Min : 1653 m - Max : 2081 m

Distance (m)