Rando Guillestrois

Torrent du Chagne

3 h
8.5 km
Total Length
671 m
-673 m
  • Pedestrian

Departure : OT, Place Salva → Arrival : OT, Place Salva

The trail runs along the slopes of the valley of the Chagne, going from the south-facing one to the north-facing one. The more observant among you will notice the distinctive implantation and the diversity of the plant species along the path according to the sun exposure. In addition, you will discover the village of Risoul on your way back.

From the place Salva in Guillestre, walk down the main shopping street (Maurice Petsche street) and turn left onto the Risoul road (“Julien Guillaume” street). After the bridge that crosses the Rif-Bel stream, this road turns left: do not follow it but go straight on to the dead end called “l’Amérique” and cross the Guillestre bypass route on the pedestrian passage to get to the start of the trail. The itinerary starts on a stone path (with yellow markings) going through farmlands and meadows. Edged with large deciduous trees, it links up to the road to Vars. Follow the road to the right and pick up the trail that starts on the right in the bend. This trail goes across the south-facing slope under a forest of scots pine. It goes down to the Chagne stream, gentlyly at first and then more rapidly in small successive bends until it reaches a footbridge. After crossing the stream, the trail goes up to the other slope of the mountain into a forest of pines and larches full of bushes in the undergrowth. The trail crosses a stream via a small pontoon, then a gorge by a footbridge and follows the old irrigation canal of Risoul’s agricultural lands. It leads to a large flagstones way up to the farm of Chagne. The itinerary passes through the village of Risoul by a small tarmacked road going down on the right past the church. After a large left bend, the trail continues on quite a large dirt path up to Guillestre. This part of the circuit gives you an excellent view of the stronghold of Mont-Dauphin and Guillestre.


"HIKING, On foot in the Guillestrois – Great WALKS" - Guidebook sold in tourism offices in the area.


Where to park in Guillestre: fairground (champ de foire) or “Place du Portail”. Starting point of the hike at the Guillestre tourism office, Place Salva.

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On the way...
Salva fountain

Many fountains were also built to honor great men or events. Joseph Salva was one such figure: a tireless construction manager who achieved a great deal to improve the water supply to agricultural land including the construction of the Cristillan floodway in the Ceillac valley among many others. Today these channels still exist, managed and maintained by the canal association (ASA).

Notre Dame d'Aquilon Church

In the centre of Guillestre you will find the majestic Notre Dame d'Aquilon Church with its imposing door with its famous Stylophore lions (from the Greek word meaning bearer of a column) typical of Lombard architecture that can also be found in other Guillestre churches. Note the use of local construction materials: tufa stone, pink Guillestre marble and larch wood roof shingles.

Walled Town

Nothing now remains of the Guillestre Castle dating from the 13th century, although manuscripts from the time confirm its presence. However the towers and ramparts that are still visible show that Guillestre was heavily fortified and bear witness to the protective role it played in those days.

risoul station 1851

The 1850 Risoul Ski Station was built in 1971 on the heights of Risoul, where the highest piste starts at 2457 metres altitude. Nowadays, the station welcomes skiers in the winter, and in the summer, the pistes are transformed into alpine meadows where cattle and sheep graze !

The Green Stone

From the 11th to the 19th century, Guillestre and Risoul were very closely linked, so a careful system had to be put in place to manage their common interests. The charter of 1329 stipulated that joint consuls from opposing villages were to be elected to wield their authority over both. The heads of households voted for the consuls. According to local tradition, the meeting between the consuls took place at the Green Stone, the municipal boundary between Risoul and Guillestre. The French Revolution changed this local administrative organisation by adopting the same methods for the whole of France. The Escartons, charters and other local organisations all disappeared. Historical truth or a mere legend? The Green Stone symbolises an original way of practicing local democracy, and the close links between the people of Guillestre and Risoul.


Ici se tenait la célèbre foire de la Saint-Luc où Français et Italiens des vallées voisines venaient vendre et acheter leurs bestiaux. Si l’emplacement a changé, la foire agricole de la Saint-Luc se déroule toujours chaque année en octobre. C’est probablement l’une des plus grandes foires agricoles des Hautes-Alpes, et sûrement la plus ancienne, puisque son origine remonte au Moyen-âge.

Eygliers tower

Voici l'une des tours de l'enceinte fortifiée de Guillestre. Les travaux de construction sont en cours en 1397 lorsque la tour s’effondre sur elle-même, pour cause de malfaçons. L’ironie du sort veut que ce soit aujourd’hui la tour la mieux conservée de l’ancienne fortification !. Site fermé.

Medieval house

Ici vous pouvez encore voir la façade en bois d'une maison du XVème qui abritait la boutique d’un artisan et son logis au-dessus. Avec ses remparts, Guillestre est une cité sûre. La population se fait donc de plus en plus nombreuse et la place vient à manquer. Pour tenter de gagner de l’espace, certaines maisons sont astucieusement agrandies au-dessus des ruelles, créant ainsi de pittoresques passages abrités, comme vous pouvez le voir ici. Ce site est privé, non accessible au public.

Altitude profile

Altitude (m)

Min : 971 m - Max : 1186 m

Distance (m)



Shared itinerary: a part of the trail is also part of a mountain bike circuit. Original experience: a visit of the village of Risoul with the mobile app Baroulade (tablets can be borrowed from the tourism offices).

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